Team Orca

We are a dedicated team of volunteers who contribute our various skills to help promote World Orca Day, which was launched in 2013. The inaugural observance day was celebrated on 14 July 2014. Learn more about the History of World Orca Day and how you can Help Orca.

Mother and calf orca swimming on the surface

Our Team (listed alphabetically):

Adsila Algoma ~ Battle For Cetaceans

Zach Affolter ~ Rising Sun Productions

Diane Fraleigh ~ Ontario Captive Animal Watch and Free The Snake

Crystal Renee ~ Project Orca Worldwide

Kimberly Matucci ~ KimbaSwimba

Sam Lipman ~ Orca Aware

K. Makowiski ~

Carole Robert ~ Scuba.giraff

Ingrid N. Visser ~ Orca Research Trust

Orca blowing and breathing on the surface.