Orca Conservation

There are some great orca conservation projects underway around the world and we list a few examples here. If you would also like to help orca, check out our Help Orca page and see how you can take action.

If you know of other Orca Conservation projects that we should add, please contact us.


Punta Norte Orca Research is a non-profit organisation which conducted fundraising and then installed a fence. This fence is designed to protect large areas of coastline alongside the public road at Punta Norte. Now it helps to protect the extremely sensitive sealion colonies and as a result also the orca and other wildlife. The whole peninsular is a UNESCO site, but this specific orca conservation project was done through the research organisation and they also keep it going by maintaining the fence and signs.

An orca stranded on the beach hunting sea lions in Punta Norte Argentina


June 2019. The “Ending the Captivity of Whales and Dolphins Act” is a Canadian Federal Law which bans the captivity of orca and other cetaceans. It was passed due to strong public opinion which recognises that these animals do not thrive in captivity.

May 2020. Increased protection for the habitat and the orca. The Federal Government has imposed restrictions on fishing, boating and other aspects, all to help the orca.

June 2020. Increased protection of salmon as the key food source for the Southern Resident ecotype orca. The Federal Government has increased protection for Chinook Salmon.

A group of orca in Canada swimming and breaching on the surface


2002 to today. The rescue of ‘Springer’ the orca (A73). Springer was found emaciated and alone, she was then rescued and rehabilitated in a seapen. Finally, she was released to join her extended family and has since had two calves. She still remains in the wild with her family.

A young killer whale jumping out of the water in Canada
A young orca (not Springer) spyhops in the waters near where Springer was found.