Help Orca

Please help us protect orca and their home, the oceans. Learn more about how to take action, the things you can do to help and get more involved in World Orca Day, below.

Orca stranded on the beach to catch sea lions in Punta Norte in Argentina
An orca intentionally strands on the beach at Estancia La Ernestina, Punta Norte, Argentina. This orca behaviour is considered one of the most spectacular wildlife events in the world. An orca conservation project that is underway involves fencing off the beaches that are alongside the road, to protect the sealion colonies from people who disturb them. Such disturbance can cause the colonies to move and reduce potential food for the orca. Punta Norte Orca Research works with the Ranch where many of these beaches are, to help with this fencing, as well as conducting research on this unique population of orca. © Estancia La Ernestina

Check out these links to help orca:

Along with the actions in those pages, considering raising awareness about orca through your own network.

Take a photo of you (or an orca item that you create) participating in an Activity or, print out the World Orca Day logo below and take a photo with it.

Spread that image through your social media and send it to us on Facebook and we will post it there for you too (subject to some guidelines, of course!).

World Orca Day 14 July Logo
Download and Print out the World Orca Day logo – and send us a photo of you with the logo.