ORCA Resources

Help to celebrate ORCA by visiting these resources. Please let us know if you have others that you believe should be listed here.

Activities (for adults, youth and kids).

Scientific publications about orca (via a Scholar Google search for “Orcinus orca“). If you haven’t yet used ‘Scholar’ and you love science and facts, this is going to open a whole new world for you. Think of it as the internet for scientists. It will also suggest other searches (such as ‘killer whale’). Many are for free and will be listed as links to the right of the name of the study.

Orca breaching out of the water along the coastline


Check this short video showing some playful and curious orca. Filmed with GoPro camera. Also available online here.

GoPro footage from Dr. Ingrid N. Visser of a pod of orca playing underwater

Salish Sea Wild video episode on studying Resident Orca, with Dr Joe Gaydos and SeaDoc Society.

Team SeaDoc works with scientists trying to save the Salish Sea’s most iconic and endangered species: the Southern Resident orca

A short video (19 minutes) with the Founder of World Orca Day, Dr Ingrid N. Visser – filmed with GoPro. Includes an orca rescue.

Shot on location in New Zealand, this short film documents Dr. Ingrid Visser’s life mission to preserve wild orca through education & leading rescue missions to save orca who strand and who get entangled.


Call of the Killer Whale, from the Ocean Adventures Series of Jean-Michel Cousteau

A preview from the PBS series, Jean-Michel Cousteau: Ocean Adventures Call of the Killer Whale.

The Woman Who Swims with Killer Whales, from Natural World Series of BBC.

Blackfish, a documentary film, directed by Gabriela Cowperthwaite, that tells the story of Tilikum.