We would like to thank all of the following supporters who are celebrities, companies, entities, organizations and others that have shown an interest in raising awareness about orca. They support and promote World Orca Day (and our Mission).

Each supporter strives to increase awareness about orca as individuals and as a species, as well as raise protection efforts for them and their habitat.

Please return that support by following their social media accounts, purchasing their products, travelling with their company and letting them know that you recognize their efforts for orca. Thank you, on behalf of the orca!

A person is taking a picture of an orca swimming by the beach for World Orca Day
Taking a photo of an orca as it swims by the beach (while it is hunting for rays in the shallow water), Northland, New Zealand. © World Orca Day / Orca Research Trust

List of Supporters (alphabetically):

If you would like yourself or your company on this list, please reach out to us and we will discuss this with you. thank you for your interest and support!
Orca family swimming away in the sunset. Thanks to all the supporters of orca conservation and World Orca Day to help protect this beautiful species!